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Best Advice for Staying Calm in these Difficult Times:

Breathing exercises are key. Some say they seem lame, but trust me, your brain runs on oxygen, and without the right amount, or enough, the brain starts doing some weird stuff.
-Jason V.

I have kept calm by following up with customers and keeping them informed of all shortages, delays, and upcoming price changes. I try to alert them to worst-case scenarios so that I am over-delivering more often than under-delivering on promised dates.
-Amanda M.

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Best Advice for Getting Used to the New Normal

"Be transparent. Let employees know why new processes are being implemented. Following CDC guidelines helps the homeowner and employees feel safe in a time of uncertainty."  
– Breanne F.

"Getting back to normal will be a long, winding, and grinding road that must be traveled down slowly and safely. PPE will be key. Spend wisely and don't over-stretch your business."
– Teresa G.

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